NS9a - Chrismas CD "Voices of Angels / From Bethlehem

NS9a - Chrismas CD "Voices of Angels / From Bethlehem
Item# NS9a

Product Description

This Authentic CD "Voices of Angels" was made in Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. The children of St. Joseph School Choir, in Bethlehem, sang these beautiful Christmas carols. Some familiar carols are in English, some contain Arabic & some contain French.

Following is a list of its contents:

(1) Hallelujah (Arabic)

(2) Joy to the World (English), Arabic)

(3) Lailat Al -Melad - Silent Night (Arabic)

(4) Shine Jesus Shine (English, Arabic)

(5) Jingle Bells (English, Arabic, French)

(6) Silent Night (English, Arabic)

(7) Angels We Have Heard on High (English, Arabic, French)

(8) O Come All Ye Faithful (English, Arabic)

(9) Santa Jabra (Arabic)

(10) Music

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